Saturday, November 20, 2010

On Friendships

On the train to medinat el-ba7r today, a young girl stole the seat next to me while its occupant was up, and attempted to strike up a conversation with me.  I replied halfheartedly, partially because I was into the book I was reading and wanted to continue reading, and partially because I didn't really feel like answering the same tired questions of where I'm from, and what I do, and who I live with, and why I'm on the train.  After a bit, my seat mate came back to claim his seat, and I was left alone with my thoughts, which centered on why I didn't pursue this conversation.  After all, she was speaking to me in loghatelba7th, which I appreciate, and I feel sure that in previous baladelba7th experiences I would have been delighted for the opportunity.  Granted, she was in high school, and I am rather older than that, but still.

This led me to thinking about friendships, cultural differences, East-West, own kinds, hometowns.

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