Friday, November 19, 2010

More dance, less stress

Vacation ends tomorrow, and fieldwork starts again, although only tomorrow is scheduled.  I am trying to remain calm, and not be annoyed and frustrated.  For once (it's rare, I know) I am actually succeeding, mostly because I ended up attending a folk dance workshop today (not my folk dance, but another type of folk dance in which I've been taking lessons here in baladelba7th, although it's actually from bilaad to the East).  I thought I was going to be helping my instructor sell CDs, but in fact I was the assistant instructor as well.  It was long and exhausting, but quite the thing for taming the stressball.  It also opened my eyes to a whole world that I never knew existed in baladelba7th--there were participants from all over the world in this workshop series, which apparently occurs multiple times a year, and for the most part focuses on dancing which is, well, sexier than the type I prefer to do.  There were also lots of wild costumes the likes of which I've never seen before and I never realized there was such an industry for that here either.

In any case, the point of this post is to remind myself that I simply must keep dancing, because it's not just a fun hobby, it's crucial to my mental health.  I tend to think, no I don't really have time, I should be concentrating on my research, not on my dancing, the hours I spend dancing should be spent reading articles/processing data instead.  But really, I'm in a much better mood to do the latter when I've done the former, and I'm also much more likely to concentrate on it instead of  unproductively stressing out.

So my goal for the next month, which will be especially stressful in terms of fieldwork? More folk dance!



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  1. Yay for mental health! So easily forgotten in research circumstances.