Sunday, November 28, 2010

Little annoyances, but an end in sight

First, I must whine about a few minor, but highly annoying annoyances.

1) Water.  The plumbing in our apartment has chosen to simply quit this year, there is a new leak nearly every day, and the plumber has visited so often that the Scaredycat occasionally remains in the same room as him.  There are also local water problems due to construction, the upshot of which is that we have no hot water.  I am not expert on the physics of this, but the combined problems lead to low water pressure, and a certain amount of water pressure is required for flames to go on in the water heater.  To make matters worse, the weather has finally turned cool in baladelba7th, such that cold showers=icy unpleasantness.  Note also that I have waist length hair.

2) Internet.  The internet has also quit in our apartment, but works just enough that you think a page will load, and then it won't.  The internet was also crappy at my field site today, similar problems, and I had seven hours to kill between meetings.  Admittedly, I mostly use the internet for procrastination, but sporadic and short periods of use (ie quick email responses) are essential to my research.  Hence the annoyance.

3) My achilles tendon.  My folk dancing puts major stress on this tendon, and mine has been injured for going on two years.  It was really bad last summer, but through a combination of eccentric exercises and ice I've managed to make it better.  Better, but not healed.  It still hurts, although not badly enough to prevent me from dancing.  But enough to make me paranoid about snapping it, another common injury in my folk dance, that would be an absolute disaster in baladelba7th.

However, a major positive is that I am finally close enough to the end of a particular stage of my research (let's call it stage three) that I can actually envision it being completed (biznillah).  While there is still a good amount of researching to go before I complete it, I think it may actually work out.  Since I expect this is the worst stage (it drove me to start this blog) this will be a happy, happy day.


  1. Rest that foot, sit back, and tell your husband to pour you a stiff drink. I think that icing your tendon will compensate for the fact that alcohol dehydrates your body and makes your muscles stiffer and more inclined to ache. I think.

    Seriously, do take care of yourself! Believe me when I say that you do not want to learn first-hand what hospitals are like in baladelba7th.

    As for the internet, have you tried this?

  2. Alas our apartment is located in a black hole of USB modem reception. The stiff drink is a good idea though!