Sunday, November 7, 2010


I've written earlier about the stress of my last-minute schedule.  Belief it or not, things have gotten worse, as my one week in medinatelba7r, one week in elmedina elkabeera has fallen by the wayside due to a rescheduling flurry.  This results in me spending lots of time on the train, which has its difficulties.  I missed an interview today in elmedina elkabeera because after I finally figured out my schedule yesterday for medinatelba7r all the train tickets back to elmedina elkabeera were sold out.  And then I had to buy tickets for a day trip tomorrow to medinatelba7r, because I have something the day after in elmadina elkabeera (although now it might be canceled).  But my appointments are late, so I needed the lastest train back.  But that's at 10:00 pm, and no respectable woman in baladelba7th would take that train alone.  So the ticket seller wouldn't sell it to me until I insisted that I knew there was a 10:00 train, and the 7:00 one was not acceptable.  And then I got a look.  And I will get many more of them on that train tomorrow, as I know from taking it once before (I try hard to avoid it).  I'm really quite dreading it.  Perhaps if my appointment for the next day doesn't work out, I will just buy another ticket for the morning train.  Luckily I have friends to stay with in medina el-ba7r if necessary.  Hanshuf.

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