Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cats on the copier

In the end, the train wasn't that bad.  Mostly because I ended up sitting next to a wedding party, and therefore several women.  My fieldwork in medinatelba7r went well, even with some bonuses.

Today, I did a minimal amount of data processing (but some, yay!) and practiced my folk dancing.  Now my legs hurt.  Another problem with fieldwork in two cities is that I can usually only practice folk dancing when I'm in elmedina elkabeera.  Thus, I often end up practicing a lot one week, and none the next, which is not so good for conditioning.  Not that I'm actually training for anything, but as I am getting a bit old to be constantly doing this type of dance, I don't want to injure myself or exacerbate the injuries I already have.  One injury in particular, if exacerbated, could end my fieldwork and send me home, so I want to avoid this at all costs.

On a lighter note, my cats figured out how to work the copier, and have been copying blank pages all afternoon.  One copies, and the other one attacks the sheet of paper as it comes out.  I wish I could take advantage of this skill when I actually have to copy and/or destroy something, but alas, I think this will not be the case.


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  1. 'Twould make a good LOLcat video, at any rate. How is the weather in medinatelba7r these days? Are you dosing yourself with seafood when you're there?